Asbestos Exposure

Recognize & Reduce the Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Before renovating, repairing or remodeling a home built before 1990, check for these potential asbestos-containing materials:

  • Vermiculite Insulation – Typically found in Attics and Walls
  • Gypsum Board Filling Compound
  • Plaster walls
  • Textured Walls or Ceilings
  • Vinyl Flooring (tile & sheet)
  • Furnace Ducting Tape
  • Boiler and Pipe Insulation
  • Asbestos Cement Board

If you find or suspect asbestos-containing material in your building, do not disturb the asbestos-containing material in any way (e.g. removing, cutting, sanding or breaking) before contacting ProActive Hazmat.

We will carry out a site inspection and recommend a third party lab to analyze any suspect material that could potentially be disturbed.

If asbestos is found, we will work with you and a third party environmental consultant to ensure that asbestos and the risk of asbestos exposure is safely removed from your home.